IDOM-ADA offers advanced engineering for challenging projects. With a broad expertise in different areas, such as applied mechanics, structural design, electronics & control, we provide engineering solutions to a wide range of customers worldwide. The experience in diverse areas enables us to push our creative skills to the uttermost in a hybridizing and cross-innovation scheme.

Sound project management practices are essential when dealing with large, complex and multidisciplinary projects. Fully aware of that, we organize project teams in which technical and managerial skills are tightly merged to tackle the threefold challenge (technical, cost & schedule) of every new endeavour.

When working on new projects a deep understanding of the basic principles involved is needed to provide efficient designs and keep control of the cost-driving parameters. We are keen to use advanced computer simulation, but also in-house prototype & testing techniques to predict the performance of a final design, avoid early failures and ensure manufacturing or construction success.

IDOM-ADA is part of the IDOM Group.